About The Amazing Hito

I mesmerize and enthrall one and all with death defying feats of prestidigitation, miraculous mental miracles, and amazing magic! In other words I do walk around close up magic and living room and stage magic shows for kids and adults. 

I enjoy spreading joy through my magic like bending a perfectly good spoon for no good reason except to show the power of the mind, or inexplicably turning $100 into $1, or making a cute, fluffy rabbit appear to the delight of all, or finding someone’s signed dollar bill inside a lemon!

The magic bug hit when I was a kid watching David Copperfield perform magic on TV. I wanted very much to be cool like him with the big hairdo and 80’s fashion, making gorgeous female assistants appear from an “empty” box.

Magic is definitely a passion of mine. Just the word magic is magical to me. It makes me happy to be able to share my magic with others.


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