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The Amazing Hito will mix and mingle with your guests creating a magical atmosphere performing magic that happens in their hands, under their noses. Watch carefully as he turns $1 bills into $100 bills, causes a card to jump to a wallet, visually bends a coin at his fingertips, reads your minds, and more! Close-Up Magic is a perfect way to entertain your large groups of guests who are mingling or seated at separate tables. It's great for before or after dinner entertainment, before or after the Magic Show, and great at Grand Openings, Weddings, Fairs, etc.




Grab a seat and get ready for the fun and excitement of a Super Magic Show! Whether it's a large gathering, like school PTA functions, corporate events, festivals, or intimate home parties, like birthdays, holiday parties, etc., this fun-filled, comedy magic show features music, live rabbit and dove, and one-of-a-kind magic guaranteed to entertain kids and adults! I bring everything for the show including a personal sound system and professional curtain backdrop to transform your living room into a magic theater.  This show has it all, comedy, magic, and lots of audience interaction. 




Do you want to learn the secrets of magic? You can entertain your family and friends, coworkers, or your date with mystifying magic tricks you can learn and do! You can request a 1-on-1 LESSON or a GROUP WORKSHOP, ideal for a camps or afterschool programs or birthday parties for older children.

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